How to wipe/format a laptop hard disk clean

By jimnunn ·
I am having trouble understanding how to use dBand to wipe a disk clean. I was told to use gDisk. I have had trouble downloading this. I need step by step directions. Help please.

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How to wipe/format a laptop hard disk clean

by balge In reply to How to wipe/format a lapt ...

for dban -
1 download DbaN zip
2 unzip ISO file
3 burn ISO to disc - make it bootable
4 set laptop to boot from disc
5 reboot with cd in drive
6 follow instructions on screen

gdisc I've not used but here's their instruction page (floppy not cd...)

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DBAN worked for me...

by dldorrance In reply to How to wipe/format a lapt ...

do what balge said. Download DBAN here

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The only possible problem you may have with Boot & Nuke from DBan

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to wipe/format a lapt ...

Is that it doesn't see some SATA HDD's so you need to mess with the setup to get it working.

If you have a SATA Drive in your NB and don't want to mess around you can use Kill Disc available free here

While it only does one pass of the HDD writing Zero's to every Sector for anything but the most Secure Systems it should suffice as the costs of recovering any data are very high.

If you use Boot & Nuke the Auto Nuke Option is generally good enough and only slightly better than Kill Disc at wiping a HDD and making Data Recovery all but impossible for normal people.

But as you have a Lap Top you need to understand that both of these products work on the entire HDD not a single Partition so if you need to use the Recovery Partition on your HDD to reload the system neither of these are a suitable option as they will wipe the entire Drive including the Recovery Partition.

I have never used gDisc and am unsure of how well it works but from a quick Google Search the conscious of opinion seems that GParted is the way to go

As I have only ever used gParted to alter Partition sizes I'm not sure just how well it works as a wiping tool but it may be what you need if you only want to wipe a individual partition the Documentation for gParted is available here


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