how to work around a spurious error notification

By Sebastian42 ·
There are programs which trigger 'expected newer windows version - update' when I try to install them in WinMe, yet the vendor of TK8 is adamant that it can run in WinMe. In fact he says that the text of the 'error' notification does not even occur in the code. I would very much like to have TK8 run in WinMe, so I need help 1. to discover what already-installed software/driver might be triggering the notification and 2. devise a work-around. Is that available ?

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Windows, that's a blast from the past

by robo_dev In reply to how to work around a spur ...

Windows Me was by far the worst product Microsoft ever made, so the obvious first recommendation is to upgrade your OS.

To answer your question about trying to trick newer applications into working properly with your OS, there is no feasible way to do this that I have seen.

The Windows OS consists of many separate modules and components which have been updated over the years. This would include the modules that handle database connectivity (ODBC), program-to-program communication (OLE, RPC), and mundane things such as the installation process, sound, graphics, and printing.

The task of presenting the correct version of these various components to an application installer, would take a monumental programming and reverse engineering effort, as the function and details of the old component would have to be compared and reconciled to the new one.

This is analogous to why it's not possible to transplant a human brain...there are too many dependencies, too many connections, and it's just too darned difficult.

If you had a real business requirement to run Windows Me, you could use a product called Microsoft Virtual PC. This lets you run any OS as a separate process on a current OS.

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