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How to work with a Router

By benjy4deone ·
I am a student of Computer engineering(part 4) and i want to know how to configure a cisco router and how to work with a live router.pls tell me how???


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by jschein In reply to How to work with a Router

By no means is this the place to post a book on how to configure, wire, and setup a cisco router.

Your best solution is to goto CompUSA or the like and buy a "Routers For Dummies" book for 14.95.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to How to work with a Router

Or try a really useful site:

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by uffe.sommerlund In reply to How to work with a Router

Hi there

working with routers:

when installing Cisco routers, some of the small ones 800 series & some 2600 series has an "autoconfiguration"

1. first you must attach it to a Rollover Cable to your COM port select 9600 baud and then use a terminal program like "Hyper terminal"

then you on the router and you will notice the POST script running.
2. here under the CLI you must say enable
and know the type the security code.

start configure you router by typing:
configure terminal, short term "conf t" enter

3. Like mentioned some come with autosetup then you can choose that one or choose the CLI interface:

4. the CLI interface, if you don?t know the command you could write help and enter, if you know the beginning of the command then type and hit the TAB key.

you also need to know if the command is written in the GLOBAL mode or at interface mode.

an IP address is attached to an interface, there can exist subinterface. Interface is written like this ethernet0 a subinterface o:2

when the configuration is done type write and the configuration is saved.

a life router is updated configured by access via IP addresses from terminal clients I prefere putty
you can download it at:

like the guys said you will need to visit cisco for more info, if you get your hands on a router at your home and you need to reset the thing look for password recovery for your model

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by dgolic In reply to How to work with a Router

Try http://ip_address_of_your_router, or telnet ip_address_of_your_router. If it's Cisco, by default pasword is not set. For instructions on how to configure, you can use lot's of forums on the internet, or you can go to as someone said before me (bless him). Of course, try researching Cisco Product documentation CD for some info. It comes with the device.

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by mih97 In reply to How to work with a Router

If your looking for free telnet and ssh software.

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