How to write VB code for powerpoint hangman game?

By cowgirltj06 ·
I am using powerpoint 07 to create a hangman game. I have already set up the alphabet with triggers so when the correct answer is choosen it shows up on the blank in the phrase. The part I'm having trouble with is setting up VB code so when the wrong answer is choosen, the head appears, then the body, then the legs, then the arms. There are 23 blanks(3words) in the correct answer. I have never written code before, but I thought I may be able to assign all correct letters a 1 and all incorrect letters a 2 then set up the code like
If = 1 then CorrectAnswer
If = 2 then IncorrectAnswer

If IncorrectAnswer = True
then head.visible
Elseif head.visible = True
then body.visible
Elseif body.visisble = True
then rightleg.visible
Elseif...... you get the idea.

What I don't know is 1. if this will even work, and 2. if i am thinking about this in correct code language? If someone could please help, it would be much appreciated!!


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See this link:

by robo_dev In reply to How to write VB code for ...

Hangman Game
Create fully featured professional Hangman games with PowerPoint in seconds. (2007 / 2010 only). Features Used successful and unsuccessful letters, Animated Hangman, On screen keyboard.

PowerPoint Game Programming Demos, Tips and so forth

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Not what I was looking for

by cowgirltj06 In reply to How to write VB code for ...

Thank you for that suggestion, however I do not want to pay for an add in, I would just like help writing the actual code. I think I just need to know how to name the shapes so I can call them correctly. Can anyone else assist me with this?

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