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By Dualinlinememorymodule ·
Hey im just wondering if anyone knows how to copy from hdd to hdd without using norton ghost 2003 one of my friends said that there is a way to do it without using norton ghost 2003 like you can use a prog in dos called x copy or something or any other ways to copy from hdd to hdd or progs etc... it would be appreciated if you could inform me of them

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by wcp In reply to How To XCOPY

You may use XCOPY without any difficulty in Windows 95/98/ME.
Connect the second hard drive (HD), for speeding purpose, as Secondary Master. You may also use 80 conductor IDE cable if the HDs are ATA66 or higher.
Boot to Windows and navigate to DOS Prompt. Then use the following command at the root directory (C:).

Xcopy *.* /s/h/e/c/k/y/r

is the drive letter of your second HD.

XCOPY can be used for Windows 2K/XP but this is more complex. Please post a comment if you need more information.

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by wcp In reply to

To make the second HD bootable, you have to use FDISK to make the HD active. The first HD must be disconnected before using the FDISK.

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by PaulP In reply to How To XCOPY

Adding to the previous answer....
XCOPY is a DOS command, therefore it does not recognize long file names. It will truncate file name, but if it turns out you have duplicate truncated names you will lose some files. There is a way to prevent this from happening before the XCOPY, and then restoring the long file names after the XCOPY and it's using the command LFNBK.

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by TheChas In reply to How To XCOPY

You might want to give XXcopy a try.

Unless I am looking to clone a drive, I simply install the target drive in a hot-swap bay, and use Windows Explorer to drop and drag the files I desire to copy to the drive.


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by w2ktechman In reply to How To XCOPY

adding to the above, if you want a bootable drive, xcopy or copying from explorer is not the way to go. If you just want to copy data, then those will work fine, preferably explorer. If you want a program to run from it, it probably wont, and if you want to boot from it, it will not work.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How To XCOPY

xcopy32 /c /h /e /k /r /f
and you have to do it from dos prompt within windows because all the switches not available in dos version of xcopy32
go to command prompt, type xcopy32 /? and see what the switches do. this works to clone drive. you will have to take steps to make it bootable like sys it

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by HB_BC In reply to How To XCOPY

If you are wanting to use the XCOPY commands to copy from hdd to hdd. You may like to go to this web site, it can explain what switch will do what in the xcopy syntax.

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by duraidurai In reply to How To XCOPY

u can use either xcopy or xcopy32.exe
systex is
from dos mode
xcopy/s/e/h sourcepath *.* destination path
s - subdirectory
e - empty directory
h - hide files
example c:\xcopy/s/e/h c:\*.* d:\name of folder
*.* all files
u no need to create, when u give the folder name
it'll create folder and copy all file in it.

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