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    How to Your Connection is Not Private for Chrome Android


    by terajane ·

    Hi all, as we all know that this Google browser has a feature that serves to protect anyone, especially in the login and payment processes to keep it safe.

    For example: “Attackers may be trying to steal your information from domain.com (Including passwords, or credit cards).”

    Then, if there is an impersonal connection writing? It could also be caused by an error in the “Secure Socket Layer” SSL certificate, the current privacy standard.

    If you experience problems like this, here are the basic points to solve them in the chrome browser on android:

    1. Force close chrome and reload the page
    2. Check the date and time
    3. Clear Cache and chrome cookies
    4. Disable safe browsing feature
    5. Disable antivirus and VPN apps
    6. Apply Incognito mode
    7. Update your chrome

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