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How to:Airport wrk w Symbl Spectrum24 AP

By scminter ·
How can I get an airport card to work with a Symbol Spectrum24 Access Point?

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by scminter In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...

If the card itself is functioning, it should automatically detect
any IEEE 802.11b activity in the neighborhood. How to verify
and log on to the network varies by OS. Under OS X 10.2 it's a
relatively simple matter to set up a location from the Apple
Menu and then the login ID and pass with the Internet Connect
panel which can be found in the Airport Menu on the main
Menu Bar at the top of the screen. Under OS 9 it involves the
Remote Access [ARA] control panel and the procedure is
detailed in the Mac OS Help Center.

There was an issue with some of the G4 PowerBooks where the
titanium case interfered with the WiFi card and an external
antenna was helpful. So far, mine hasn't needed one, but that
could be a factor.


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by scminter In reply to

My problem is that the airport card is not picking up the spectrum24 at all. I can stand right beside the antenna and still can't "see" it.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...

In that case, the card is faulty or improperly installed. Are you
able to access any other WiFi points with that computer? Please
clarify which cpu and OS so we can make further trouble
shooting suggestions.

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by tilsharic In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...

A few trouble shooting steps that may help
1: check on the Access Point to make sure that it is broadcasting the SSID. This may be why it doesn't show up. You can either set it up to broadcast the SSID (not recommended) or manually enter the SSID into the airport card.
2: If you have WEP enabled on the Access Point (please say you do) you may have to put a $ infront of the wep key on the airport card.

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by jdbruine In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...

If you checked the box: make a closed network. The network won't show. If you uncheck that box the network can be seen.

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by Overmod In reply to How to:Airport wrk w Symb ...


What are the stats on the machine you're trying to
connect with, including the specific Airport software
settings? Might also be nice to have the Symbol's
firmware version and settings, if you can access

I'm not directly familiar with this WAP, but I installed a
Linksys 4-port switch/router with wireless, and all my
Airports found the thing immediately *once all the
SSIDs were set to match.* That indicates, to me,
that you have a configuration issue of some kind.

I presume at the outset that:

1) you've actually connected to networks, or other
computers, via this Airport-card setup already, and

2) you've actually connected (with at least one
machine) through the Symbol WAP successfully.

The issue is almost certainly not related to signal
strength, wireless pattern, etc. I'd strongly suspect
WEP configuration issues. If you have appropriate
security permission, temporarily turn off WEP on both
the Apple and the Symbol, be sure the SSIDs on both
devices match, and (as suggested) be sure the
internal-network is NOT selected on the Apple (a
surprisingly-frequent cause of failure to connect!)

BTW, I've seen at least 3 people trying to connect to
(ostensibly) promiscuous wireless LANs whose only
problem was they had a checkmark in that little box
... it was a delight to watch their faces when they
connected quickly once it was unchecked...

If for some reason you like running peer-to-peer or
ad-hoc Airport connections between computers,
consider setting up different locations with
appropriate settings. That's more complicated than
just checking and unchecking the little box, of
course, but it's more elegant, if you're one of us
Connecticut Yankee types who spend 30 hours
doing something to save 15 seconds of time or
eliminate an irritating 5-second activity... ;-}

Will try to access tech information on the Symbol in
the meantime.

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by Overmod In reply to

Symbol has information on the 4111 to 4131 on the
Web. Nothing I have read there indicates it won't
work correctly, and automatically, with an AirPort
card. That indicates to me that you have a
configuration problem somewhere on the Symbol.
The default Web address to access the Symbol's
internal user interface is given as

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