How videos are displayed in-line on webpages

By brianwall99 ·
I am frustrated by the way websites display embedded videos. Depending on the format, pausing the screen obscures the centre of the picture with a large Play symbol. We often pause in order to see some detail we missed. Invariably it is obscured by that symbol.

Another complaint is illustrated by this screen capture. The play controls obscure a good portion of the video. Why do they have to do this when stand alone video players arrange the controls below the image?

Another moan, the BBC insist on turning on Autoplay everytime you open a page. I read a large number of complaints on their site when this was first introduced and their reply was basically "we think it is a good idea, you'll get used to it"!!!

I was glad to see most sites abandon Flash video as that was so unfriendly and irritating. But this new HTML video seems to have been developed by the same people who messed up with Flash video. What I want is to find out who or what group planned for video to be configured in this way please? I don't want a discussion about the merits or otherwise, just to hold someone accountable. Or are they hiding?

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