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      by neilb@uk ·


      you cool it down in liquid Nitrogen, it will get so brittle that it will shatter.

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      by neilb@uk ·


      wind up the spring too tight

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      Or (and this one is infallible)

      by neilb@uk ·


      give it to my god-daughter, Jess, as she’s twelve and can can break ANYTHING. You could have a password strength off the scale and in ten seconds she’d be handing it to you in six pieces saying “honest, I only picked it up to have a look at it”.

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      Ok over there, Palmetto?

      by neilb@uk ·


      Ears not ringing too much?

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        Yeah, I don’t get smacked on the weekends

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Ok over there, Palmetto?

        I’ve delegated weekend slaps to Maxwell.

        I dropped a password once, but it landed on the carpet. It was dented, but not broken. I used one of those “Dent Pullers” they sell on TV and it was good as new.

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      Anyone got any other suggestions

      by neilb@uk ·


      assuming that there’s anyone out there who is as bored as I am. Serious ones, now. Let’s not take the piss out of this guy just for our own gratuitous amusement.

      As if we’d ever do that.

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      The very best way

      by tig2 ·


      A hammer, a really big hammer. Give it the “technical tap” and that password should be toast.

      Good luck!

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      The mystical way

      by Anonymous ·


      Put it in a magic square. Face east at sunrise ad do the Buddhist Sun Greeting.

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      by absolutely ·


      Print more network money but don’t give your password a raise. It will then be broke within a short time.

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        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to Inflation


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        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Inflation

        unny! B-)

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      by steffi28 ·


      i’m suprised you havent given your trademark answer yet :p

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        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to W2K

        While at home I have a hard time searching (I need to use contacts) because the forums are blank (I disabled javascript). So unless I boot up my notebook (no need to recently) I do not see these.

        Just got back from the grocery store, after spraying for bugs, washing car, washing clothes, and cleaning up a bit. Getting ready for a pizza party/fight night now. So I do not have time to write it up. I have it saved on my work notebook… lol

        I thought you were not talking to me…..

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          I’m not

          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to Sorry,

          errr…. I’m not talking to you errr… it wasnt me :p

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          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to I’m not

          Must be that evil twin I love!

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          Here you go Seffi

          by michael jay ·

          In reply to I’m not

          Dug it up just for you with regards to W2k

          This is a classic:

          Cracking a Windows (or other) PW…

          First, gather these tools.
          Philips screwdriver
          Flathead screwdriver
          torx screwdriver set (small)
          1/2″ round unsheilded metal pipe.
          spare HD

          Ok, you will need to use a screwdriver to open the case on your computer. Pull out the HDD that has the PW stored on it (This works for all Windows and Linux machines). It is a bit crude, but the job gets done.
          Now open up the spare HDD. This can be tricky, because some of the screws are covered with stickers. Also these screws will strip easily if the wrong screwdriver is used, so be careful.
          Now, you must pull out the magnet in the second HDD. Attach the magnet to the first HDD (with the password to recover). Move the magnet around in a clockwise motion (or else it will be recovered backwards).
          Now place the magnet back into the spare drive (which it came from).
          this is the key that the HDD manufacturer does not want you to know.
          Using the hammer, lightly hit the HDD where the nut is holding the platters together. If you can dent it (only a little) you will damage the protection chip housed underneath.

          Put the HDD back together. Re-Install the original drive back into your case. Add the second drive as a slave drive (I like the USB option best though).

          Start booting the system. You may hear strange sounds now, this is due to 2 reasons. First, the drive head on the slave drive is out of alignment and needs to be calibrated, so it will not let you boot. Second is because of the PW override.

          Now we can begin the PW override process. Between the P and O keys on your keyboard (all keyboards since 1997) there is a small chip. Use the flathead screwdriver and lightly short it out. Your screen may flicker, this is normal if done properly. If not, keep plunging the screwdriver into the keyboard a little harder until the screen flickers.
          You have just unlocked the PW/boot sequence menu in the BIOS. reboot the system, but before POST finishes, look on the monitor for the BIOS and REVISION #. On the B in the word BIOS, you need to tap this with the metal pipe a few times (usually 3, sometimes 2, sometimes 4). YOU MUST USE FORCE HERE. The B in the word BIOS is critical, you must ‘touch’ it. It changes quickly, so restart a few times to see where it is, then grab the hammer and rod and prepare it for the boot. Reboot and quickly hit the rod with the hammer.

          To align the slave drive;
          The HDD manufacturers do not want you to know this. They charge big bucks to do this themselves.
          Get out the metal pipe. Holding the pipe in 1 hand, and the hammer in the other. Place the pipe near the power supply of the system. With the system ‘on’, hit the pipe with the hammer (hold onto the pipe well). Do Not let go. Dont hit too hard, you do not want to damage the PSU. All you want is the PSU to arc and send a spike of power through to the HDD. The HDD will automatically re-align itself. If it did not re-align, not enough force was used for the process to complete, do it again.

          Reboot: Press the P & O keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Set the menu to either slave, SCSI, or USB PW and change the setting to ON.

          There, you will automatically log in at will now. You can change the PW, if you want to, but no real need to anymore.

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          I can vouch for that **wink, wink**

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I’m not

          I hacked Steffi’s account and posted under her name.

          Er… I created an account that is a dead match for Steffi’s.

          Ummm… I killed Steffi off and stole her computer.

          Okay, one of those should work!

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          So now you have to guess

          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to I can vouch for that **wink, wink**

          Who really is this posting :p

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          Hmmm. My guess would be

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to I can vouch for that **wink, wink**

          you hacked Steffis account… Because we know you could! (especially since Michael showed the way!

          Thanks Michael!

          As for a dead match, I say no because the servers would get confused and crash (if MS), or wouldnt let you (Linux, Unix, Mac, BSD, etc., etc., etc.).

          And since you are not Mae, I would think against the killing part… lol

        • #2602208

          Unfair Tig! When I answered a question like this by telling

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to I can vouch for that **wink, wink**

          The person to kidnap the system Admin and Torture the Password out of them and make sure that they actually gave you the right one before killing them off and safely disposing of the body and anyone else who may have wittiness the event I got into trouble. :_|

          Now you boast about killing off one the Peers and no one so much as raised an eyebrow. It’s unfair I tell you! :_|

          Then to make matters worse you post a joke about Steffi being killed off and you replacing her as Steffi. It’s a dead give away with Steffi on line right now as it should be around 2.00 AM in Germany but a reasonable time in your local area so this proves that you have done as you’ve said and killed off Steffi. Thank God for that because I’ve got sick and tired of handing out refunds when I’ve sold her onto [b]White Slavery on E-Bay[/b] finally someone’s found a solution to our [b]Steffi Problem.[/b] 😡

          Now all that has to happen is the rest of the [b]Impure Brigade[/b] has the same thing happen to them and life will be so nice and quite here. :^0

          Of course that will mean killing off the [b]Geek Queen[/b] GG I’m not sure how well Beth will react to that one as she went to a lot of trouble to Crown GG but I can live with it honestly! 😀

          Col ]:)

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          Actually Col

          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to I can vouch for that **wink, wink**

          It’s 3:20 here and I can’t sleep 🙁 I’m thinking of going to bed with a DVD and some chocolate in a minute though, but the fact that I stripped the bed to do the washing earlier on and I havent re made it yet is also keeping me online ie im too lazy!

          Anyway the fact that I corrected your time kinda eliminates the she killed me thing I suppose.

        • #2602199

          Ahh, but how do they know

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Actually Col

          That I am not simply responding to “my” earlier post?

          Age = devious thinking.

          You get more evil as you get older. Something about hot flashes, I guess…

        • #2602197

          Oooh Evil Tig Pure Evil!!

          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to Ahh, but how do they know

          And I love your way of thinking 😀

        • #2602195

          Very Impressive Tig

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Actually Col

          You almost sound like Steffi as well. :^0

          Now you may think that you are safe from me but if that happens to be Swiss Chocolate watch out as I kill for Chocolate. 😀

          Anyway what’s this about females and beds they always seem to needless strip them to wash the sheets and then never make them? If I don’t make the bed here after [b]SWMBO[/b] strips it to allegedly wash the sheets she will wrap a blanket around her and go to sleep on a sofa. I on the other hand am forced to make the bed so that I can get a few hours sleep. 🙁

          It’s unfair I don’t see anything wrong with the sheets and I don’t destroy the bed but I’m the one forced to make it every time, there is some form of conspiracy going on here that I can not quite work out. :0


        • #2602194

          Can’t help you here

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Very Impressive Tig

          I make the bed. If I strip it, I make it.

          It helps that I don’t own a sofa as tall as I am. I hate being all scrunched up.

          What conspiracy?

        • #2602193

          Tell SWMBO I like her style

          by steffi28 ·

          In reply to Very Impressive Tig

          I’m debating whether or not to do that right now and just make it on the morning (or afternoon depending when I wake)

          As for the chocolate its diet low fat stuff, tastes nasty but its good for when the craving takes over. I havent got scales so I don’t know how well I’m doing but I lost almost a whole dress size this week 😀 so its worth the sacrifice I suppose. I’m aiming at not having a BMI that’s too high so I havent got much more to go, started going swimming twice a week and gonna start jogging this week too, its gonna kill me I know it (I’m one of the most unfit unhealthy people I know) but after being “overweight” since I was like 10 I’m determined to finally do something about it! So yes it’s crappy chocolate and after a week of strict dieting for the first time in my life I am prepared to kill over it!! :p

        • #2602189

          Diet Chocolate is FALSE ADVERTISING! :(

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Very Impressive Tig

          And it’s just the same as one chemist here selling Sugarless Chocolate. What’s worse it’s Swiss too. 🙁

          I’ve already made a Formal Complaint to the Trade Practices Commission for [b]False Advertising[/b] as there is no such thing as [b]Sugarless Chocolate![/b] :0

          That was very careless of you to loose an entire dress size in one week have you any idea where you left it? :p

          But knowing how females minds work you are only on the weight loss scheme to get a new wardrobe of cloths aren’t you? Then you’ll need new shoes to go along with them as well and leave them lying about so other unsuspecting people break their necks as they trip over them in the middle of the night where you’ve kicked them off where you please right.

          And Tig what is this unreasonable need by females to wash sheets? I look at things this way provided that the sheets are not ripped to shreds they are OK and are perfectly happy on the bed. After all how many sheets have you seen dragging themselves off the bed and jumping into a washing machine? None that’s how many and that’s the way that things will stay so why mess with the way that things should be? 😀

          Incidentally I like how you are replying as both Tig & Steffi to these posts. It almost makes me feel that Steffi is still alive. :^0

          OH things are going to be so great now that Steffi has been forcibly removed from TR. I just hope that you made her suffer Tig. 😡

          Actually you have saved [b]SWMBO[/b] the effort in killing Steffi as she has been getting blamed for attempting to kill me for the money that my Cadaver would bring in the US. Seems that after I told here what Steffi had posted she got it into her head to kill me off and claim the money so within 12 hours of being told my bodies value in the US I was critically Ill in Hospital with Acute Renal & Liver Failure. But I lived and I’ve been telling all the staff that [b]SWMBO[/b] didn’t use anywhere enough poison to manage to kill me off. Since she’s been caught out she is now claiming that she was lead astray and brainwashed by Steffi who is really a Terrorist so she has sent the Feds here after Steffi through Interpol. 😀

          Seems like you have saved that crowd the effort of chasing Steffi down. When a female insists that she’s doing exercises because she wants to there is always a underlying reason and in this case I seem to think that Steffi wanted to run away faster so she wouldn’t get caught. :0

          Col ]:)

        • #2602140

          All this talk about the women stripping

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to Very Impressive Tig

          and Hal just complains :0
          what a shame!!!

          needless to say, I dont worry about making the bed. If the sheets needed washing, there was probably a good reason!

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