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How will Longhorn change computing?

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What do you think about the potential of Longhorn, Microsoft's next desktop OS? Do you agree with Ramon Padilla Jr. that government IT shops will soon need to choose a direction? Share your comments about Microsoft's plans for Longhorn, as discussed in the Dec. 16 Government IT e-newsletter.

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It will not change computing

by JimHM In reply to How will Longhorn change ...

It will not change computing because Microsoft will never get it to work ...

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by Gruvdog In reply to How will Longhorn change ...

Your data will be pirated, and your privacy nullified by this method, which is not intended to make computing more efficient, but IS intended to prevent software piracy.

You will pay a hefty "subscription fee" to have access to software. You will pay it regularly.

NONE of this is good for anyone except micro$UCKS !

Any replies contrary to this are WRONG!

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Making it sound like Microsoft came up with the idea...

by hostmaster In reply to How will Longhorn change ...

The statement in the article:

"Of course, Sun, IBM, Oracle, and other vendors that have wholly adopted the browser and a cross-platform interface built on Java would prefer that your organization not follow Microsoft's lead."

Makes it sound like Microsoft came up with the idea of thin computing and/or hosted applications (ASP). We've been doing browser enabled applications hosted on unix and served to Windows and unix clients for years and would never dream of hosting this on Windows. (shiver)


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The facts would help...

by rbeyea In reply to Making it sound like Micr ...

Microsoft with longhorn is actually promoting the return to "Fat" client application using the "clickOnce" deployment.

The major advantage of Browser based applications was the deployment. If you wanted rich UI you still were limited. You could use IE and ActiveX and get a richer UI but then you could not use Netscape or other browsers / platforms.

With the ease of deployment with ClickOnce you can return to the rich UI of Windows forms applications, removed the need to deal with session state issues inherent with browser applications, and all the extra round tripping down the wire. Making the solution more scalable and much more responsive.

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