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How Will Mobile Apps Be Impacted by Artificial Intelligence?

By franciscoconnect1991 ·
I know that a lot of people have been talking about how mobile apps and AI will come together to create this marvelous future that will take user experience to a brand-new level of awesomeness.

Even so, the only article I've found that clearly showcases how that's supposed to happen is this article here:

It's from a digital agency, and I need more articles that are similar to this one so that I can write an important part of my thesis on mobile apps and AI.

Would anyone be able to recommend a blog, source, platform where I could read up on this topic?

Much appreciated.


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How will mobile apps be impacted by artificial Intelligence

by deborasumopayroll In reply to How Will Mobile Apps Be I ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows applications to drive revenue for many businesses. Focusing on creating a seamless and profound personal user experience, AI is creating benchmark achievement. Thus AI has spawned the creation of more intuitive and responsive mobile applications. Moreover, it is helping the user to adapt to different user behaviors during an engagement with an application.
Artificial Intelligence is here to rescue users from many issues on a daily basis. Talking about AI it has started a whole new way. It has redefined the concept of human-machine interaction with the world.
Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Mobile Application Development
The impact of AI on mobile app development comes with new AI-powered solutions. Artificial intelligence in mobile app development is changing the organizations modeling with innovative applications and solutions.
Fulfilling User Expectations
Artificial intelligence is being used in many mobile apps. It is bringing convenience and functions to apps. Now users can access things around them easily using these Applications. AI helps developers to develop highly visceral apps. To be in the race now developers are continuing to use AI in app development. Thus working on user’s expectations and to provide the best customer experience throughout the app life.
Complete Time Taking Tasks
AI in mobile application development minimizes the laborious work of developers so that they can perform and finish the development part easily in the organizations.
Speedy Content Production
AI helps mobile applications like Netflix, prime video etc to predict customer’s needs. Big data boost content production is speeding up by involving AI in content building. AI uses data to drive user behavior to alter the mobility features according to customer’s need.

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How Will Mobile Apps Be Impacted by Artificial Intelligence

by KhloeHunter In reply to How Will Mobile Apps Be I ...

If you're still looking for some help, have a look at this:

You will get some insight from data scientists.

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How will mobile apps be impacted by artificial Intelligence

by nikkapoor85 In reply to How Will Mobile Apps Be I ...

With the drastic enhancement in the technological fields, better and enhanced methods are implemented in the development of the applications. One such effective method is Artificial Intelligence. AI-enhanced the features of the web-based applications.
-> Voice-based interaction: It is researched and proved that until 2020, more than 50% of the searches on the internet would be voice-based ones.
->Optimization of the websites and the web-based applications in SEO.
->Fixing the bugs of the applications
->Promotion of the services and products
-> Security of websites & web-based apps
You can also see this and understand how artificial intelligence impact on mobile apps.
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