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How would a third party app detect if MS word is installed

By friesentech ·
We are using some medical software made by E-mds and It looks to see if MS word is installed and if it isn't some buttons are greyed out because they depend on word and it's macro capabilities for form letters. The problem is that we have word installed on the machine and it was in fact installed before the E-mds software was. I have also learned that if I give the users administrator rights the problem goes away but I don't want to do this. I have also tried giving them PowerUser right but this doesn't solve the problem. My question is how do apps commonly determine if a app like MS word is installed. I would have guessed that it is by looking at the file extension but this is not the case.

Thanks for your help

Brandon Friesen

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Sounds more like permissions

by ccollins In reply to How would a third party a ...

This sounds like a permissions issue with the software. The fact that it finds the software when you are an admin means this is not the error. It may write a config file at start-up somewhere in its folder in program files or in the windows folder somewhere. First try giving users full control to the E-mds folder in program files and ensure this propagates down. Then see.

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The point is how this application checks for Word

by Gast?n Nusimovich In reply to Sounds more like permissi ...

The only thing that should matter to you is how this application checks whether Word is installed or not.

An application could try many ways to accomplish such kind of checks, like the following approach, for instance (this is a very simple Excel macro):

Sub CheckMSWord()

On Error GoTo eh1

Dim objWordApp As Object

Set objWordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Dim strStartUpPath As String

strStartUpPath = objWordApp.StartupPath

MsgBox strStartUpPath


Exit Sub


MsgBox "MS-Word not installed", vbCritical

Resume eg1

End Sub

If this Excel macro works on a user without admin permissions, then it might mean that the application is using a strange way to check if Word is installed, like trying to create some kind of file on a certain folder and checking if it was successful or not.

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Monitor It

by razz2 In reply to The point is how this app ...

I would simply monitor it's file and registry access using these
free utiliies from Systernals. Monitor during a non-admin user
and filter the results for errors or failed access.

This one is FileMon:

This one is RegMon:

Hope it helps mon (That was weak I know),


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One more detail I forgot to mention

by friesentech In reply to How would a third party a ...

The users already have full rights to the E-mds program folder.

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answer is here

by myndebox In reply to How would a third party a ...

permissions- i have noticed that some people have issues under a regular user level, change it to power user. Or upgrade permissions to the user to admin, install the program under the elevated name, then bring it back down afterwards.

check the registry entries of your app to see where its looking for the winword.exe file. if you put it into a diff dir than the default, you may have issues and reg modification would show that.

good luck

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More information to add

by friesentech In reply to How would a third party a ...

Windows XP systems and our 2003 Terminal Server are having this problem not our Windows 2000 machines.

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