How would I link two Intell dual core duo PC's?

By RobZantay ·
I want to link 2 Intell Dual core duo PC's so that i could run my DAW(Digital audio workstation), Sonar 8, in PC #1 and have it send and receive audio and midi information from plug ins that would be installed in PC #2. The reason i would like to do this is that when i am running everything in one PC, the Sonar DAW will start to delay the midi information when I try to run too many plug ins. At a certain level of plug ins sonar will stop running completely.

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If I understand you correctly,

by JamesRL In reply to How would I link two Inte ...

I don't think there is a way to do what you want to do, short of buying a PC with 2 duo core CPUs.

I'm pretty sure that your plug ins rely on the installation of the main application in order to function.

Have you tried to reduce the number of unneeded processes running at the same time? What kind of sound card do you have? Have you set the priority on the Sonar tasks (using the Windows Task Manager)to real time?

I have a PC that has 2 physical CPUs. Something like that might be of help.


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