How would I map the users home folders to a NAS?

By a.portman ·
I want to move my users directories from a windows 2003 server to a NAS. I need some help with a few things.

1. How to set up the folders on the NAS? There are about 200 users on the network. I do not want to create each user on the NAS.
2. How do I get each user mapped to their NAS folder?

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An answer with a question...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How would I map the users ...

When you mean "Home Folder" do you mean a drive letter that is mapped to the server and a folder specific to them or their My Documents directory or do you mean their roaming profile?

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Reponse To Answer

by a.portman In reply to An answer with a question ...

Ideally I would like My Documents to map to \\nas\user\folder. The other option is to map s maps to \\nas\user\folder.

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What does this mean?

by Kenone In reply to How would I map the users ...

"I do not want to create each user on the NAS."

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to What does this mean?

heres an idea... you could copy all the current home drives to the san and just set folder redirections via gpo to map each user to the same location but with the same folder as their username so say for exapmple \\nas\userdirs$\%username% and that should re-link all of the home drives. Like i said just an idea. And if im not mistaken you can set it so if a user dosnt have a home drive as soon as the user logs on it should create the folder for them if they dont already.

Good Luck!

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