how would I setup a small network without using a wireless router?

By bmfulston ·
My task is to create a network at my work place. There are 5 computers and 2 printers, and we do not have the budget for servers or wireless routers. HELP PLEASE!

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How would I setup a small network without using a wireless router

by eharuna In reply to how would I setup a small ...

Hello friend,

Since you are not implementing a server-client architecture because of budget, then a workgroup will do.

Get a small switch (3COM,DLINK etc) as a distributor, connect all computers and printers to it, then assign IP addresses. That's a small network structure.

I hope this help.

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Use a regular router

by mjd420nova In reply to how would I setup a small ...

Use a regular wired router, or even a pair of four port routers with a printer port on each.

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Function and Type

by TheChas In reply to how would I setup a small ...

First off, you will need some sort of switch or router so that the 5 computers can connect to each other. No option. You can use a wired switch or a wireless switch.

If you are going to connect to the Internet or external networks, then you WILL need some sort of router. I recommend that you spend some money on the router and get a commercial grade product with a good hardware firewall built in.

Using a home grade router for a business network creates too large of a data security risk.

What type of printers do you have?
And, what connection options do they have?

If any of the printers have an RJ45 network port on them, then you can just connect them up to the network and all computers can have access.

If the printers have only USB or Parallel connections, then you are going to either need print sharer devices, or connect them directly to a computer and set them up as shared resources.

Since you did not provide details of the office, only you can determine if it is practical to run network cables between the computers and where you can locate a wired router / switch.

If it is not practical or possible to run network cables, then you will need to use rs switch / router.

Most laptops have wireless built in. For any desktop systems, you will need a compatible wireless adapter.


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Another Thing

by TheChas In reply to Function and Type

You do need to look at what the goals of your network project are.

Hardware sharing (the 2 printers)

Internet connection sharing. Need some form of router. I would not use ICS in an office.

File backup. How will you back up business critical date?

File sharing. Each system will need to be setup with at least 1 shared folder.

Without knowing the type of business, we cannot tell you how much security and related products you will need for both protecting customer data and meeting legal data retention requirements.


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