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    How would I tackle this project?


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    So recently I’ve taken up a project where I’ve opened up my old Dell Inspiron 530 and I’m trying to get some stuff off the hard drive. There are a ton of viruses on the computer and I don’t know where they’d be stored on the computer. My kids installed the viruses instead of mods for minecraft when that was popular. And I’m not sure whether they’re on the CPU or the hard drive. If they’re on the hard drive how could I get them off without booting up the computer? Because every time I do it beeps and turns off. Usually blue screens too. If I bought a cheap 3.5 inch hard drive reader would that help get them off if I ran an antivirus scan on a seperate computer or would that just screw up the new computer? And what if they’re on the CPU? Would I just need to get a new CPU which I was already planning on doing anyways. If you need any extra specs just ask. It’s currently got an Intel core 2 duo inside and a seagate 320 GB hard drive. Also has windows vista. Any ideas on where the viruses would be and how I would get them off and if it would even work?

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