How would one 'unhack' or 'untrack' a phone, anyway?

I did not honestly think that my first post in years (or has it been one year- I can't remember) would be a question, but hey, I'm not really a phone person.

A friend of mine has told informed me that her phone (seen here: was either hacked or tracked (likely both, considering that the individual responsible has been providing her with real time information on various activities). Now, while I have some technical ability, none of said abilities involve mobile devices- being completely uninterested in smartphones. This, unfortunately, means I'm completely out of my element in dealing with this situation.

And so the question:

What would be the best method of resolving this situation?

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I'm not really sure I'm understanding your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How would one 'unhack' or ...

But assuming that the Phone has Been Rooted you need to return the ROM to it's original condition and assuming that it wasn't saved before being Rooted you need to rewrite the ROM Chip.

However as I'm most certainly no expert in Mobiles you should be able to get what you need here


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