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How would you describe the atmosphere in your IT department?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
The latest TechRepublic poll asks, "Which of the following best describes the atmosphere that predominates in your IT department?

- Totally committed to serving the users
- Obsessed with the company's technology as IT's territory
- Constantly trying to justify its existence
- Content but isolated from the rest of the organization"

How would you describe the atmosphere in your department and why? What would you like to change about the environment?

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Paranoid, secretive and unresponsive

by M_a_r_k In reply to How would you describe th ...
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Short and powerfull

by rob mekel In reply to Paranoid, secretive and u ...

The way I like it. :)

But not the way I like my It-department to be.


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I dont have an IT department

by stargazerr In reply to How would you describe th ...

I am the sole Techie in my office. All of us support people are responsible to look after our respective offices.

I am dedicated to solving the sales people's stupid problems. Its not all bad, I got a great laugh out of one problem a few days ago. I was called in and told that the Internet is not working. We have LAN cables lying under the tables, plugged into ports. All the sales people have to do is pick one up and plug it into their laptops each morning.

In this case, two sales people had picked up two ends of the same cable and plugged it into their laptops. they were of course very bewildered when it didnt work ... :^0


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As you are

by rob mekel In reply to I dont have an IT departm ...

the IT/ICT department all by yourself: How does your company see you / How do you feel your company sees you? Or better ask them how they see you.

Have fun :)

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to How would you describe th ...

Lying, cheating, stealing, whining. Yep that about sums up my I.T. department these days!!!
OH well. I love the work and the folks that I serve in the company but as far as my inner department and working circle, it's bad.

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Positive and constructive

by amcol In reply to How would you describe th ...

I'm going to predict, with a sigh of sadness, that the positive nature of my response will be in the minority. I would be delighted to be wrong.

My department is in very good shape, and the overall mood is quite positive. The general feeling is that we have challenging work, a bit more of a workload than we'd like (average 60-65 hours weekly) but that's preferable to just filling time, and although we occasionally have to deal with rude and inconsiderate (internal) customers the majority of our customer base is pleasant and knowledgeable enough to deal with.

I have a combination of employees and long term contractors, and everyone feels like an equal team member. We have a flat organizational structure and make no distinctions on the basis of employment status or place in the hierarchy. Decision making is owned by me but is conducted in a collaborative fashion...the feeling is that no decisions are forced on the team, that the team gets sufficient input such that even when decisions are made in opposition to their recommendations there's enough consideration of their positions that it's OK.

This is a federal government agency and as such no one here is getting wealthy, but no one feels their compensation or benefit package is unfair or too low.

I'm not saying it's perfect, and I'm not kidding myself that everyone thinks the environment and the management style is peaches and cream. There's a great deal of formal and informal communication between all of us, and we all have a fairly obvious personal and professional regard for each other such that if there were any burning issues (some do occasionally come up) we'd know about them and deal with them.

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Amcol, you are in the minority ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Positive and constructive

... but that is why we like reading your material so much.

Heck, if I wasn't going home every night and spending 8 hours an evening on opening my own business, I'd ask if you were hiring.

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I'm amazed

by Too Old For IT In reply to I AM hiring

I'm amazed that the position is still open, given that you are willing to punt on the educational requirements. How'd you get HR to letyou do that without a fuss?

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Not too tricky

by amcol In reply to I'm amazed

Technically, the position is actually re-opened, not still open. I'd made an offer to someone who as it turns out was using me to leverage a counter from his current organization. Even after all these years and all this grey hair, which I must admit I do prefer to the flesh colored variety, I still get fooled.

I didn't ask HR if I could ignore the educational requirements, I just told them that's what I'm doing. I'm the beneficiary of a solid hiring track record and an HR Director who trusts my judgement more than his own when it comes to evaluating professional qualifications of candidates for jobs in my area of expertise. As I said in my first post, I'm in an environment where we have a personal and professional regard for one another, and I work very hard to maintain that type of relationship with my colleagues in departments outside IT.

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