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How's Your IT Support Team's Deskside Manners?

By opridgett ·
Do you have good Technician and Support personnel with great technical skill but are lacking the necessary knowledge in interpersonal or people skill?
Do you have a Tech with awesome Technical skills needed to get the job done but is driving everyone around him or her away because of poor personal hygiene issues?
Are you having trouble with a Tech Support Engineer creating a negative impression of your company because of his or her attitude, personality or habits?
I would like to know how common these issues are. If you are dealing with any of these issues now please let me know how your company is dealing with them.

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Too common

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How's Your IT Support Tea ...

My deskside manner isn't what it should be at times. I'm aware of the problem but I have to keep a pretty close watch on it. Still, I lose my bearing more frequently than I'm comfortable with.

I haven't seen a hygiene problem in years. That's a management issue that's uncomfortable to deal with but easy to fix. Bite the bullet, sit down with the employee and Human Resources, and tell him or her that their odor makes it difficult for others to work around him or her. Explain that the next time there is a complaint, he or she will be sent home to bath. Subsequent offenses will result in suspension without pay.

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Lost your bearing?

by NickNielsen In reply to Too common

Call me the next time you lose it. I've got spares.

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Glad to hear it!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Lost your bearing?

How about shoving a couple of them up yo-

Oops, there I go again.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Glad to hear it!

I'll see that you get a couple...

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Hygiene is no more common than any other field

by jdclyde In reply to How's Your IT Support Tea ...

In my entire life, I have only known TWO techs that had a hygiene problem.

I have known many people that have had hygiene problems. Just one more stupid myth of it having anything to do with being a tech.

As for dealing with the customers, I rarely am short with an end (l)user. If I have to tell them the same thing repeatedly, I will employee some subtle sarcasm to drive the point home.

"where it says click OK on your screen? Click OK".

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Once upon a time...

by Forum Surfer In reply to How's Your IT Support Tea ...

I worked with a guy, about 25 and incredibly over qualified for his position. His technical skills were incredible. He was admittedly far more technically knowledgeable than myself even though he worked for me. Yet he only lasted one year.

Unfortunately he was a very unhappy, smug little man. To his credit he treated everyone the same, he just treated them badly. Very short and rude in his conversations. He eventually made the wrong people mad and continued with his smug little attitude until he was let go. Same thing happened at his next job, or so I hear from a friend.

I tried to sit down and talk with him about his personality and the way he was viewed by others. HR tried it, as well. He was just someone that wasn't happy unless they were stuck in a corner away from the world. He did not understand why interaction with others was so important, and it obviously couldn't be explained to him. I sincerely hated it, as he was a very knowledgeable staff member. That knowledge didn't help. He couldn't even be expected to participate during internal staff meetings. Even then he spoke in a belittling fashion to everyone around him. Nothing was ever good enough, he always had a better idea and anything else was "simply ludicrous." "Simply ludicrous" was a phrase he uttered constantly, one of the few things I remembered about him. I'm open for discussion on internal matters, but the world doesn't revolve around one staff member's opinion.

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On the note of hygiene, plese read!

by Forum Surfer In reply to How's Your IT Support Tea ...

I just left a meeting and this aggravates me to no end.

If you are a guy, but yourself a personal hygiene kit or AT LEAST a nose hair trimmer!!!!

Really? Do you look in the mirror in the morning and not notice the mustache growing out of your nasal cavity? It's freakin gross, people!

C'mon they are like $20 at WalMart so there really are no excuses.

-End Rant-

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If that was the only hygiene problem you've seen,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to On the note of hygiene, p ...

you're lucky. That doesn't even move the needle compared to a guy who hasn't bathed in three weeks. In late summer.

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Not the only problem, just one of my pet peeves

by Forum Surfer In reply to If that was the only hygi ...

At least with a smelly coworker, I can hold my breath!

I once bought an uncle a nose hair trimmer for Christmas. He still never used it.


Another pet peeve would be proper toe nail maintenance and flip flops. If you're going to get them turn yellow and get all misshapen, don't make the rest of us stare at them!

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Don't worry about it

by NickNielsen In reply to On the note of hygiene, p ...

I just let it grow into the mustache and nobody even notices.

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