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Howto build Enterprise FTP server? 1

By ngunity ·
I have a project on the horizon where it may be necessary to configure an FTP server that can handle up to 300 incoming connections, each transferring in data around 15 MB in size

I shouldn't have trouble having the server hosted on a 155 MBps bandwidth trunk, my question is whether or not I will be able to build a server myself and if so what I should use.

My organisation may want to have 400 of our remote sites, throughout the country in 3 different time zones, transfer a small database at the end of the day for backup purposes.

Due to the timing and the probability of me having control over who FTPs data in when, I could skew times so that no more than around 20-50 connections would be incoming at any one time.

What I want to know is if I could build an FTP box to suit this need, and if so should I run it on Linux, Win2k? and what server product.

Can anyone offer advice on what steps I should take, and any of their own experiences building an internal FTP server?As the project is not yet approved or pending I would like to research ways that I could build the system myself (I think it would be interesting) rather than have to outsource it when the time comes, because I haven't researched another option

e-mail me on with any detailed ideas

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by JDSAL In reply to Howto build Enterprise FT ...

In my opinion should not be any difference between using W2K or Linux. This is of course as long as you don't try to run ten other applications on the windows box (which is a common mistake that leads to poor performance on windows boxes). Linux will take up less system resources to run which in turn requires less of a financial kickin at the beginning of the project. Unfortunately with Linux support can be tedious.

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