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    howto enabl err-chk in w2K in everyboot


    by kadir ·

    As the administrator of my w2k, whenever I want to check & repair the hard disk for errors, I right-click on the HD’s icon,select tools,and check the mark “Automatically fix file system errors”. and the next time I reboot the system, it performs thetask.

    How do I enable this task everytime the system boots.


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      howto enabl err-chk in w2K in everyboot

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to howto enabl err-chk in w2K in everyboot

      Set up a Scheduled Task (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks)
      Run the Add Scheduled Task wizard.
      When it brings up the list of programs, click the Browse button and browse to:

      Selectit, then click Next.

      Give the task a name, and choose the option When My Computer Starts.

      Give it a valid logon account on the next screen.

      Click the button to open the task and view the Advanced properties, then click Finish.

      When the advances properties opens up, in the Run line, it will probably say:

      At the end of this, add /F to force it to fix errors.

      Click OK and reboot.

      Hope this helps.

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