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HowTo Share a USB Hard Drive

By Laer ·
I have installed a couple USB 2.0 hard drives on systems in my home network. I have shared the drives via Windows Sharing and Security and they show up as available shares on the LAN in both Windows and Linux Samba. However, I cannot mount the shares in either OS or even view the contents. All I get is:
\\SYSTEM\Drive is not accessible...

Is there a setting I'm missing, or a registry setting I must change? How can I share a USB volume?

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Check the following:
-Make sure the drive is properly formatted. You may want to do a full format using NTFS just to be sure.
-Make sure the drive is shared and 'Everyone' has both access and permission to use it.
-Be sure the USB drive is compatible with Linux Samba

Good luck!

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by Laer In reply to

The drive is perfectly readable by the host system. It is even sharable, just like any other hard drive on the host system. Permissions are set very open. Everyone does have access. The drive does not have to be compatible with Linux Samba. It's a Windows server-side issue. The share is visible to, but is not accessible from Linux, Windows XP, or Mac OS 9. All other shared volumes mount just fine--only the USB connected volume gives an error.

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