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By william_m14411 ·
Am new user of linux. Have installed Redhat 8.0.
Would like to know if I can write a small program
to provide a icon that will allow me to activate my modem and web browser at the same time. Would be happy if you could provide me with the program steps to acomplish this task.
Thanks much

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by rapidad In reply to Howto

Willam, hello, first off do you know how to use
1. ps -ef | grep xxx (where xxx is the process that runs whatever)
2. cat > programname (Where program name is what you want to call this script)

If you do then i would look for the process which controls your modem. this will give you the executable which calls this program. Ditto for the netscape/mozilla executables. In order to make a program you do a first line of......
#bin/bash! or something like it. Doing a more on one of your executables ( will tell you what your machine uses. Make two lines in the program (cat) and they will be executed one after the other. You will have to hit control-d to end the cat, then you may have to change the permissions to 777 or something that fits your needs (if this doesnt make sense, say so and we will make a long explanation for 4+2+1 for you). Once your program works, you can assign an icon to it.

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