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    hp 1018 & xp pROBLEMS


    by office ·

    my computer keeps losing the printer driver and the print spooler keeps stopping. Have to restart spooler and reload print driver for HP 1018 Laserjet. Running XP with service pack 3. problem occurs about every 3-4 days – no changes in daily routines.

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      hp 1018 & xp pROBLEMS

      by mb.sharma ·

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      You should be checked ur printer cable. it may be faulty.

      many time sppoling done by cable.

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      Print Spooler keeps stopping – no network printers available

      by gbayse ·

      In reply to hp 1018 & xp pROBLEMS

      Several of our users are “losing their printers” several times a week. The network printing is fine for most users. On review we find the print spooler is stopped. A restart fixes it – for the moment.

      We are looking for similarities… we have recently updated these machines

      Upgrade to McAfee 8.7.
      Added Numara Asset Manager Agent
      Upgraded to Acrobat 9.0

      Anyone else experiencing this? Any similarities with the above additions?

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