HP 1150 C Officejet

By donnem ·
I treasure my HP 1150 C! It has served since 1995 and possibly 1000kg of paper have passed through it! Today it is starting to display "Remove and check black cartridge" and or same message with "colour". I keep a half dozen refilled cartridges to hand and the same message comes up which ever is inserted - then all of a sudden the message is gone and all is well. Whilst in "mesage mode" it refuses to accept dox from the PC.
Any magic answers??

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Power off and change the ink(s).

Then power on. You might need to reboot your system to clear out any docs that might be waiting to print. Just in case.
Ccleaner might come in handy:
Download this and run it, it is free.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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HP 1150 C

by donnem In reply to Power off and change the ...

Thanks for your comment. This looks like some contact problem - the ink is good and new and the cartridges clean - they print well. Right now all is find so I'm looking for a hardware problem in the printer since all cartridges(or none) cause a problem.

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Could be that it's time for service......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to HP 1150 C

... If the sensors are dirty or just plain worn out, it probably needs to be serviced. Of course, you may find the price of service is higher than simply replacing a 15-year old ink-jet printer.

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HP 1150C antique!

by donnem In reply to Could be that it's time f ...

Thanks for your comment. I should elaborate a little - I found an identical printer on the second hand market for ?70. It has had little use. The original antique referred to in my initial post has become terminally sick in the last weeks so I switched over. The problem mentioned has occurred on the "new" machine. I do plan to strip the cartridge carrage to see if all the contact pins are fully extended. Keeping old printers alive is a matter of pride for me. My old long haired dachshund is nearly 16 years old and good food and loving care go a long way!Perhaps the same is true for printers. I avoid the current models where you can buy for ?70 and the initial cartridge lasts five pages and a new one costs ?100!!!

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