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    hp 1200 error


    by mchenyika ·

    After checking and cleaning all sensors, my 1200 printer does not finish initializing and will not even pick paper, all lights will stay

    2) On 2200 hp laser, when you send a print job it will just run and not pick paper and will eventually show a paper jam when there is no jam

    Please help me guys

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      Reply To: hp 1200 error

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to hp 1200 error

      On 1) Is it a laserjet or deskjet?

      On question 2) the rollers may need to be replaced. They sometimes will glaze over after many uses.

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      Reply To: hp 1200 error

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to hp 1200 error

      Typically if the fuser heating element does not get hot, the printer will get stuck initializing. See if the fuser heater is coming on. You should see the light/feel the heat from the fuser if it is working properly. I would then test the fuser to make sure it has failed before replacing it, just in case it is a power supply or logic problem.

      Testing fusers (just a basic resistance test)

      your 2200 pickup rollers need replacing. Sometimes you can scrub it with alcohol to make it work for awhile.

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      Reply To: hp 1200 error

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to hp 1200 error

      Not picking up paper? Check the half circle shaped wheel mounted on the shaft just above the paper tray. A bit of alcohol on a rag will allow you to clean the rubber and restore it’s grip. Also the fuzer needs to be hot, it is the unit mounted just before the paper exits to the output tray. It’s just a teflon coated tube with a heat lamp inside, if it doesn’t get hot, the unit won’t come ready. A self check can be started by pressing and holding the online switch while turning the power on. The lights will flash to show any error codes, check the manual.

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