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HP 2200 DN loses IP Address

By Hanjosh3 ·
Has anyone had issues with HP laserjets losing their IP address? We are a small parochial school outside Philly, and since there is not the funding for an onsite IT personnel, we rely on the "kindness of strangers" for help. I currently have the HP 2200DN hard-wired to our little non-server network. We have a cable modem-router wired/wireless system feeding approxiametly
50 PCs on a Win 2000 platform. I have reset the IP address 2x, but after about a week, the teachers tell me it "forgets" where it is in the network, and they cannot print to it anymore. Thanks for any and all you help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to HP 2200 DN loses IP Addre ...

i have not heard of this...i would double-check this stuff:
make sure printer is not configured to get its ip address using dhcp, ie. make sure print server has static ip address. this is most common cause of your symptoms imho.
then i would wonder about flakey hardware: check power and network cable connections, consider putting printer on battery backed power supply to help see if brownouts or drops are maybe causing it. when did it start happening, what changed etc etc.
but first i would hit the hp website and look up my symptoms and my model in the support section. while i was at it, i would download the HP Install Network Printer utility for installation later on the teachers computers (and show the teachers how to use it (simple)) so they could easily 'find' the printer again and keep would help prove nothing else wrong except printer losing its ip address
if nothing works and continue to have problem, if printer in warranty, call hp, if not, maybe examine ram modules on nic in printer, good excuse to reseat the card, reseat the ram, maybe swap out (taking static precautions naturally)...

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by Gigelul In reply to HP 2200 DN loses IP Addre ...

Previous answer cover possible problems, but is not recomended to connect your LASER printer to an UPS.

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by hailes103z In reply to HP 2200 DN loses IP Addre ...

I'd would think it's still on DHCP. Change to static and make sure you have the printer IP removed from the DHCP database so it doesn't give that IP to someone else.

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