HP 4000 prints lines on right edge

By jimt ·
Our HP 4000 has started printing horizontal lines on the right edsge of each printed sheet. The lines are about 1/10" apart and almost look like gear teeth imprints.

I replaced the tranfer roller and the toner cartridge and got only a slight improvement.

When I slid back the protective door on the old toner cartridge it looked like the white roller had gouge marks about the same spacing as the black bars on the printed sheet.

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Make sure that the paper is correctly aligned.

Is the paper correctly aligned and going in straight?. Adjust the plastic holders on each side of the paper in the paper tray.
It might just be that the paper is going through the wrong side of the printer.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Check the paper path

by mjd420nova In reply to HP 4000 prints lines on r ...

Check the paper path to be sure it is square to the toner alignment. Also check the corona wire, excess toner may have leaked from the previous cartridge and is now on the wire which will get transfered to the page.

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Carona wire

by jimt In reply to Check the paper path

Where is the carona wire in the HP 4000?

If I had an email address I could send you a sample prinout of the problem.

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HP 4000 Carona wire

by jimt In reply to Carona wire

THere is no corona wire in the HP 4000.

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Problem solved

by jimt In reply to HP 4000 prints lines on r ...

Problem solved. The issue was in the toner cartridge. This was hard to solve because I replace the toner cartridge and had the same symptoms.

It must have been a bad production run.

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