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HP 5470c Scanner Problem

By jonboy54 ·
I am unable to get my scanner to work at all it hangs at 'warming up the lamp'.
HP Support have not been very helpful and it has been very time consumming on the phone.
If anybody has any ideas to help get this machine operating I would be pleasedto hear about them. JDG

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HP 5470c Scanner Problem

by TheChas In reply to HP 5470c Scanner Problem

Things to check:

Does the lamp turn on?

If this is a parallel port scanner, is the printer turned on?

While not easy to check, does the power supply voltage drop when the lamp turns on?
Or, is the voltage too high when the lamp is off?

If USB device, do you have the latest USB device drivers for your motherboard?
Any OS patches for USB?
If you are using W95, the USB support was minimal at best. Try the scanner on a friends PC that has W98 or newer OS.

If the scanner is SCSI, the scanner should be turned on before you boot up your PC.


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HP 5470c Scanner Problem

by jonboy54 In reply to HP 5470c Scanner Problem

I think the lamp turns on,NOT parallel,printer is on.
Voltage question is 'all greek to me', I am on Win 98
USB I am not certain of Latest device drivers, or OS patches.
have tried scanner on two other PCs same results.
I have been able to make a copy direct to the printer, so I am at a loss to understand why I am unable to scan a picture or Slides which is my objective, and the prime reason for purchase of HP scanner 5470c,

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