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I have an HP G62 Labtop recently it was in a backpack which fell from a top bunk bed hit a chair then hit the floor. Now when I try to turn it on I hear it power up but it doesnt boot and the CAPS LOCK KEY just blinks constantly. I tried plugging in a flat screen monitor and turned it on and I just kept getting a message saying NO SIGNAL! Im hoping that someone could give me some idea of what might be wrong it seems like the hard drive is not engaging!

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Well here it depends if it was turned off or on Stand by

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP 62 WONT BOOT

If it was turned off I would say that something got dislodged/broken but if it was in stand by the Heads most likely hit the platters of the HDD and destroyed the Magnetic Material on the Platters of the HDD and mangled the Read Write Heads.

All that is happening when you plug in the external monitor is it's telling you that it's not getting any signal so the NB itself isn't starting to the stage where it generates any Video Signal. You can try grabbing a copy of the Service Manual for this unit here


and working your way through the process but if it was in Stand By I would be looking at removing the HDD and sending it to a Specialist Data Recovery House and paying them to attempt a Recovery if your Data is important.

If the Read Write Heads came into contact with the Platters they are mangled and will do more damage to the HDD Platters when you attempt to run the HDD eventually resulting in the complete destruction of any Data that you may need on the HDD.


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