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HP 6630 recovery CD w/win98SE

By warrenL ·
HP recovery CD for my HP 6630 computer has never worked.This is a known problem, and HP has a substitute program using DOS that did work at one time. It does not now however.
I want to recover back to the way the computer was when I bought it.There are no replacement CD's available.
How can I find a way to recover my HP back to the way I bought it?


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by cglrcng In reply to HP 6630 recovery CD w/win ...

You FDISKED the \ Drive partition out of existance eh? There really is only 1 file that was needed there, but without it, the recovery CD's do not work.

You'll need to contact HP again, if you have the DOS disk, you will need to get the partitioning (size) info from them as I can't remember exactly what it is as far as necessary space requirements.

Then you will need to FDISK and set the partition sizes per those requirements for C & \ (the DOS info will be copied to the \ drive partition after formatting both drives). Then you will need to Format C & \, make C the active partition, copy the DOS disk HP provided to \, switch back to C:\then insert the CD Recovery Disk, shut down the computer and wait 1-2 min's, then start the computer. The recovery CD will read the DOS info on \ and then copy all the files & run setup in DOS.

Do however also check the HP site for updated (latest) hardware drivers for all your hardware after Windows is up and running, download and install all that have updates along w/ running Windows Update of course and apply all necessary patches.

After windows is up go to, download a Belarc Advsor (free for personal use), install & run it to help w/ the hardware inventory, as it helps greatly.

Good Luck!

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by cglrcng In reply to

Have you tried the process for Recovery after installing a new hard drive? I'd FDISK & Format the drive setting the partitions 90% on C & 10% on \ just to see if they would work (that's what I recall I did once and the DOS files that transfer to \ which are necessary for the restore disks to work did fit well within that on a 20GB drive in the past)

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by warrenL In reply to HP 6630 recovery CD w/win ...


No, I haven't run F Disk, and I am only trying to get back to the way my computer was when I bought it with Win98SE installed.
The reason for doing this is that I can't find a way to prevent the reception of the Red X box instead of the picture that is supposed to be there.
I have tried many suggestions to no avail.

My recovery disk procedure goes to a point that asks me if I want to run the recovery only program, and I click yes and the computer freezes.

Running the HP suggested alternative via DOS step by step procedure ends up with the same screen and when I click Yes again I get the same freeze up situation. I have to push the power button off and reboot.

Any ideas about the Red X problem

best regards,


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by warrenL In reply to HP 6630 recovery CD w/win ...

I do have Belarc installed and it is a great source of info about my computer.

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by warrenL In reply to HP 6630 recovery CD w/win ...

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