HP 932 Printer Problem

By tech450 ·
My HP 932C printer started blinking as it aleays does when it runs out of ink. I replaced the cartridges but it continues to blink. Thinking maybe the cartridges were bad I replaced them again to no avail. I have cleaned all contact points, rebooted, reinstalled software but nothing helps. Is my printer scrap or is there some fix?

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Check the User Manual

by nepenthe0 In reply to HP 932 Printer Problem

Page 40 of the manual has a discussion of the flashing light codes.

Please post back in this thread if this doesn't clear things up for you.

Rick/Portland, OR

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How old are the Cartridges?

by OH Smeg In reply to HP 932 Printer Problem

HP Printers have an expiry Date built into the Ink Cartridges which stops the printer working after that date is passed.

That could be the problem.


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Age of Cartridges

by tech450 In reply to How old are the Cartridge ...

I bought 2 different sets of cartridges and both were fresh out of the box but I couldn't find any dates on them.

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That could be the problem if they are not Genuine HP Cartridges

by OH Smeg In reply to Age of Cartridges

As HP use the same cartridge over many models you may have got some for a model without the Computer Chip requirement in the Cartridge or the maker may have mispackaged them

If they are Genuine HP Cartridges they may have been sitting on the shelf for too long and have expired or be for a different model Printer with out the need for the Chip. All HP Cartridges that require a Chip Interface on the printer have a Best Before Date on them well here at least and it's been that way for at least the past 3 years if not longer.


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Printer Issues

by Nimmo In reply to HP 932 Printer Problem

Printers have small sensors most of the time made out of plastic, therefore the can be pretty fragile.

They are placed within the printer in different locations to allow you to be informed of any problems that may occur.

There is a sensor inside the area where the toner goes that sensors if the cartridge is inserted or not. If this is broken or stuck you will get a constant flashing light/error message.

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