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HP 932C Printer Problem

By mwalsh ·
Bought printer second hand, don't have all the manuals. Worked fine for months, but do need to change colour cartridge, but have change b&w one & prints fine....or did. After mild paper jam, the middle light of the 3 on the top right of the printer keeps flashing. Solid light indicates - needs paper. Light not on, when works fine. It doesn't need paper & turning off & on doesn't clear it, can't see a jam but can't really get into printer. Just sits there flashing & won't print anything. What do I do? Any suggestions welcomed.

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by _Christian_ In reply to HP 932C Printer Problem

The problem may be, not with the printer, but with what I call a "software jam", which is not infrequent when trying to print PDF files, for instance.

Open your printer properties, look for the printer queue.

I bet that you will find at least on file pending (the jammed one).
Delete it, it will NEVER print as it stand.
There may be several instances of it in the queue, if the user(s) tried again. Deleted all those.

Everything else should then go through and print.

This can be caused by several reasons:
- Wrong combination printer/driver/Operating system. In that case, search for the correct driver(s), and install it (or them, if you run several O/S)
- Wrong PDF file version for the version of Acrobat reader (50% of all such problem I saw in the past 5 years)
- generally, wrong file version for the software you try to print from.
- not enough physical memory for the full document (Seen with big PDF files). Send by smaller groups of pages.

It could also be a hardware fault anywhere in in printer physical connection to the computer, or with the printer itself.

In rare cases, it could be a glitch in the operating system, and you will need to completely empty the printer queue, then shut down your computer, wait 10s, then turn it on again. If this is the case, it may reoccur later if you have a configuration problem.

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by mwalsh In reply to

good suggestions but not the answer unfortunately. Print queue is empty & wasn't printing acrobat document. Also shouldn't be driver incompatibility as worked fine for months before.

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by Absolutely In reply to HP 932C Printer Problem

My HP 832C needed to have a combination of buttons pressed simultaneously occasionally. A very odd beast, I no longer have it, but try pressing both (?) or any combination of two buttons simultaneously for 5+ seconds. Or, call HP

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by mwalsh In reply to

managed to fix it, was a paper jam still but hard to see or get to - but got it out & now works

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by RCOM In reply to HP 932C Printer Problem

Your description isn't good enough to tell exactly which lights are on.

Give exactly what the 3 lights are doing.

Example 1-off, 2 flashing, 3 on solid

Did you get the complete piece of paper out? Check for damaged flags. HP support has the info on what the error lights mean.

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by mwalsh In reply to HP 932C Printer Problem

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