HP A1600n will not boot from anywhere

By pomadorojoe ·
I recently had to replace hard drive and reinstall XP. System seemed be fine after doing many updates. Today, I cannot get it to boot. I get the blue HP invent screen, followed by what looks and sounds like some activity on the CD then nothing. It almost looks like the bios is stuck. I have tried putting a bootable CD in the CD drive but it does not change the symptoms. Does anyone have any diagnostic suggestions? If it is a BIOS problem (new bios from hp site was part of the rebuild process), how am i going to get it fixed when I can't even access the BIOS?

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Can you get to BIOS screen?

by oldbaritone In reply to HP A1600n will not boot f ...

First, unplug it and pull out the battery, and let it sit for an hour or so. Then try again and see what happens.

If it still won't boot, can you get to the BIOS Setup screen during POST, or is it completely dead?

If you can get to BIOS screen, reload factory defaults and see what happens. If defaults don't work, try adjusting some settings, or load "safe mode" if that's available.

Failing that, it's probably time to take it to a reputable repair place.

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Can get into BIOS

by pomadorojoe In reply to Can you get to BIOS scree ...

The PC appears to hang before enabling any BIOS input. System does not respond to key board attempts to look at settings.

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Did you follow the HP recombinations when you Flashed the BIOS?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP A1600n will not boot f ...

If not you'll need to open the BIOS and reset the basic settings things like the Date & Time, check that the CPU and RAM is correctly identified and alter if necessary.

Remember to Save the Changes as you exit the BIOS for the changes to stick.


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Can get to BIOS

by pomadorojoe In reply to Did you follow the HP rec ...

I did not see so probably did not follow HP recombinations....

Further , the system does not get much past the opening blue screen. I cannot get into the BIOS via any key board input. It is unresponsive.

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Are you using a USB Keyboard here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can get to BIOS

If so you'll find that it will never open the BIOS as the Drivers are not loaded till much latter. You'll need to use a PS2 Keyboard to reset the BIOS.

If you are using a PS2 Keyboard open the case and change the Jumper to Clear the BIOS as per the Destruction Manual. Just make sure that you replace the Jumper to the correct location before attempting to plug in and restart again.


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