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HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i Problems.

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have got a cd writer as above and it wont work properly.

I have windows 98 and all the adaptec software which came with the writer. I fitted the drive as the slave to start with and it would read cds (slowly) but i could not get it to format a cd to use for drag & drop, it kept saying media not ready.

The system devices say that the device is working properly for both the reader & writer) also the software will do a write test and says it is okay to format or make into a data cd. Just before i try to format the writable cd it said the media was suitable for formatting, i also downloaded the latest cd writer software update as well as the software for the drive as it said it may not work properly under win98.

Someone thought that it may need to be the master instead so i have just spent ages trying to do this, eventually i set it up as the master and the cd reader as slave. these were both on the secondary ide as i have two hard discs on the primary ide.

When I try to do an ordinary format to use the blank cd it says medium not ready. If i use adaptec cd creator it will run through the write test, say it is fine and then start to write to the cd, then it comes up with the following:

T7303: TrackWriter error - Undefind or invalid parameter
T7118: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed
D0100: I/O error (05/64/09) - sense code Ox64
D0100: I/O error (05/2C/00) Command error - commands not issued in seq.

I'm not sure but have looked at the info and it may have something to do with IRQ settings, but i dont know much about them Any ideas ?

A bit of info, I'm using win98, cd writer HP 7200i, cd driver diamond data 12x, P150, 32mb ram, the software is adaptec cd creator, anything else you need to know please feel free to ask okay.

And thanks for trying :)

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HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i Problems.

by Skitzizzy In reply to HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i P ...


Try the CD-Burner as a master off it's own IDE channel and slave the CD-ROM off the Hard Drive.

Running a burner and a CD-ROM off the same IDE channel is not recommended last I knew (which I admit is a while).

Also, are you running the burner at full speed when you get the errors?



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HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i Problems.

by Anigwa In reply to HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i P ...

Hi Mike,

I was having a lot of problems with cd-writing myself. I was using Adaptec as well, I don't like the software. I went to Nero and like it a lot. You can download a demo to try at Also, as Andy stated, it's not a good idea to have both cdroms on the same IDE cable. I also have two hard drives on my computer but I have one rom & one hard drive on each Ide cable. The hard drives are set to master and the roms to slave. When you have both cdroms on the same Ide there are alot of conflics. Hope this helps.



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