HP Compaq nx6110

By indijudge ·
Hi I have a nx6110 laptop and when i turn it on it freezes a hp invent screen. Will not let me do F10 rom based setup.

Can some please advise what the problem could be.


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Could you give us some more information?

by nepenthe0 In reply to HP Compaq nx6110

From your brief post, this is what I undersand:

1) You have an HP NX6110 laptop

2) Upon powerup, you see the HP logo on the monitor

3) You cannot access the BIOS menu

From these brief facts, I infer that the monitor works, that there is some power to the motherboard/BIOS because you see the HP logo, but that booting stops at this point.

My first thought is a failed battery. If so, the voltage across the battery terminals should be much less than the operating voltage printed on the battery label.

It is also possible that the CMOS battery is virtually dead. However, I would test the operating battery before opening the laptop to check the CMOS battery.

Measure the battery voltage, compare with operating voltage, and post back in this thread with the results of your testing.

Rick/Portland, OR

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You missed possible Keyboard Failure ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Could you give us some mo ...

That would explain why 'F10' doesn't work and perhaps why the boot is stalling.

Try using a USB keyboard ?

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Actually I don't know why this is but I've seen a lot of

by OH Smeg In reply to You missed possible Keybo ...

Blown Keyboard Interfaces in Compaq's lately.

Keys just stop working without reason on both the built in Keyboard and on a Known Good one that I plug in. I had 3 of these last week alone and they where not the first ones that I've seen recently.


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HP Laptop

by indijudge In reply to You missed possible Keybo ...

I have tried that to still not working.

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Query for OH Smeg & Old Mycroft

by nepenthe0 In reply to Could you give us some mo ...

Why will booting halt with a failed keyboard? Must the BIOS see a responding piece of input hardware to proceed?

Rick/Portland, OR

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In a word - YES ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Query for OH Smeg & Old M ...

Take an old desktop / tower PC with 2 sockets of the PS/2 variety, one for keyboard - one for mouse.

Unplug either of them and boot up.

System will halt when missing item is encountered. Usually accompanied by horrendous squealing from the inboard PC speaker.

The mouse problem won't occur with a laptop due to the onboard touchpad replacing its function.

I posted last year with one of these HP laptops and drove Smeg and True Blue almost to the brink of madness attempting to procure keyboard/touchpad drivers that would work.

I never did get to the bottom of the problem and fobbed the User off with a USB keyboard which worked.

I later heard that the USB keyboard gave up the ghost a couple of weeks down the line, but thankfully the User didn't bring it back to me for repair.


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The Sony BIOS must be programmed differently

by nepenthe0 In reply to Query for OH Smeg & Old M ...

My prior Sony desktop with PS-2 keyboard/mouse ports would not recognize a USB keyboard during booting. To access the BIOS, I had to connect a PS-2 keyboard and tap F2 after power-on.

But with no PS-2 keyboard attached, it always booted fine. That's why I'm perplexed about the situation presented here. When my BIOS energized the PS-2 port and saw nothing attached, booting proceeded anyway.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I'll bet you didn't have any security passwords ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Sony BIOS must be pro ...

Therefore the keyboard wasn't needed.

I doubt you would have had much success plugging in any PS/2 gear AFTER powering up either.

I've always thought the safe route was to attach PS/2 equipment before booting.

Chances are your old SONY desktop had 'USB legacy support' disabled in the BIOS. Or didn't have ANY legacy support until the OS had loaded.

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Also, on some older models....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I'll bet you didn't have ...

.... there was a setting in the BIOS to (1) halt on all errors, (2) halt on all errors except keyboard, or (3) don't halt on any errors. The first option, of course, would halt the system if no keyboard was found and was usually the default setting.

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Good to know

by nepenthe0 In reply to I'll bet you didn't have ...

It's so frustrating when trying to give advice and the person posting imparts so little information.

Sometimes I have wondered whether a troubleshooting algorithm could be constructed for various pathological symptoms, but there are so many variations, such as the 3 BIOS settings Thumbs Up just described, that the algorithm would quickly become so complex as to be unreadable and functionally worthless.

Curiously, computer algorithms for medical diagnosis have never prospered. They require such extensive input, that by the time you have supplied all the requisite information (symptoms, physical findings, results of lab tests) you already know the diagnosis.

So there is no substitute for plain old experience. That's why you, Old Mycroft, OH Smeg, True Blue will always be better positioned to give advice, and why y'all must continue to participate in TR, so that your arduously acquired knowledge trickles down to those of us still scrambling in confusion...

Rick/Portland, OR

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