HP DesignJet 500 error

By Sue T ·
We have an HP DesignJet 500PS plotter that is getting system error message 86:01. We had been getting error 21:10 and HP had us replace the carriage. I figure there is a very good chance I have put something back together wrong and that is why the error message. The manual does not have very clear pictures or go into as much detail as it probably should. Maybe I have put something back in backwards. Should the plastic on the encoder strip be facing me or is it against the plotter? Any and all suggestions appreciated. What I have done so far - I have unlocked the carriage and moved it several different places and then restarted and we always get the error no matter where the carriage is when you turn it on. The carriage moves less then an inch before the error comes up. I used the oil that came with the carriage and oiled the bar so the carriage moves smoothly, I cleaned the encoder strip and the trailing cable and the trailing cable has been lined up with the red lines. In the last year we have replaced the trailing cable, ink supply station, service station, encoder strip, carriage belt and now the carriage. I have updated it to the latest firmware version.

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error 21:10 is the service station assembly...

by robo_dev In reply to HP DesignJet 500 error

It sounnds like I'm not sure if the encoder itself is in the service station assembly, but check to make sure the connector from the SSA has not gotten unpluged from the circuit board.

The following link talks about what steps to follow depending on what is going on. Be sure to move the carriage through the entire range of motion to make sure it's not binding anywhere...and make sure your belt is not missing any teeth!

the whole process:

setting the service station flag correctly:

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system error 86:01

by darnallm In reply to HP DesignJet 500 error

I seem to have the same problem I am finding all over the net. Your description would be my exact problem statement.SO Did anyone come up with a solution? Where is HP on all of this.

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