HP Deskjet 6980 margin issues

By czburchett ·
Documents created in MS Word 2000 do not print with the specified margins (specified in Page Setup and seen in PrintView). HP Technical Support (all the way up to Executive Customer Care) does not know what to do other than the suggestion that I "play with settings in Page Setup until I get something I like". Is this a printer or a Word issue or both? Is there a solution other than buying a different printer?

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RE: HP Deskjet 6980 Margin Issues

by Thogek In reply to HP Deskjet 6980 margin is ...

Was this question ever resolved? I'm having what sounds like a very similar issue recently when attempting to print various documents (including MS Word 2003 docs and arbitrary PDFs) to my HP Deskjet 6980 printer.

The details are a bit erratic, but in many cases the top-margin is larger than it should be, and/or the bottom margin is smaller, and/or the content in between is vertically scaled to match whatever vertical space resulting exists between the resized margins. Most typically, the first two are true, and the printed content is thusly shifted downpage about 0.6 inches.

The doc's display in Word (Print Layout) and in Word's Print Preview window invariably look completely correct. It is only the document actually printed that suffers from the above-described problems. I have no idea if the problem is with Word or Windows or the printer or what -- although I doubt it's Word, since PDFs and other docs have the same problem.

I've wasted a *huge* amount of time attempting to chase down this obnoxious behavior to absolutely no effect so far, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone else has any input.


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