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    HP desktop unresponsive


    by judy_john ·

    I’ve spent many days trying to figure out why my PC was showing various symptoms. Symptoms included….
    1. Defrag not responding.
    2. Very slow boot time.
    3. Inability to perform recovery. (HP’s recovery utility continually came up with the message “unable to create user partition”.

    After trawling the net for an answer, purchasing a new hard drive and spending many hours “fiddling” I finally stumbled across the root cause. ie the camera card reader was choked up with gunk. On the HP Pavilion desktop there is a sliding panel at the front that enables access to the camera card reader and additional USB ports. With the slider down , the heat extracton system has the effect of dragging air from the front of the computer through the card reader and coating it with dust etc.

    I disconnected the card reader fron the mother board and all of the problems were solved.

    I hope this posting helps someone else.

    PS – I also found it hard to broadcast these findings on the net.


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