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    HP Display goes Black


    by harry311 ·

    The power light is green and the fan is going. What do I have to do to fix this problem so I can use my computer?

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      by harry311 ·

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      First, you might care to tell us what it is …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to HP Display goes Black

      Is it a Desktop, a Laptop, a Tower?
      What is the make and model of the computer?

      Your title says “[i]HP Display goes Black[/i]” so is it originally another colour? Or does it NOT ‘go black’ because it doesn’t change at all?

      When did it last work?
      What was the last thing you did before shutting it down?

      Has it had any work done on it?
      Has it suffered any degree of trauma?
      Have you tried using a substitute monitor?
      Does the power light on the monitor work, blink, what?

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