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    HP DL360 G3, CPU 1 Error LED


    by tmiller3 ·

    I’ve had this server in production for near 4 years.
    It recently started completely locking up. No blue screen, just locked. When it happens, the “internal health LED” on the front turns amber, and the “CPU 1 Error LED” lights.

    The problem is intermittant, and various diagnostics all show everything as fine. The only error that is logged is a basic “ASR Detected by System ROM”. (automated system recovery).

    My question is, would you think that this is nearly certain to be a CPU failure such that replacing the CPU would solve the problem? Or is that CPU error light not such a conclusive indicator? I can’t see any other path, but I don’t want to start dumping money chasing an unknown problem if I can help it.

    Thanks for any insight!

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      by tmiller3 ·

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      It may be

      by cmiller5400 ·

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      It may be worthwhile to download the UBCD ( ) it has CPU stress tests. If it pukes then, I would begin to suspect the CPU.

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      On the same model of server

      by notsochiguy ·

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      I had the same error earlier this year.

      Turned out to be that one of the internal fans had died, and caused the server to overheat (resulting in the random reboot).

      Sentinel (firm that my employer used for hardware servicing) replaced the fan, and the server was good to go.

      Good luck!

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      Subscribe – Heat Theory

      by ic-it ·

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      I would also consider removing the CPU and cleaning all the old thermal compound off. Then reapply a nice thin coat, clean the fans, blow out the dust bunnies, etc.
      HP had a nasty habit of gunking a thick coat of compound onto the CPU. This not only resulted in less heat removal, but led to the compound cracking and running.

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      Same symptoms, cooked the CPU

      by 3pdegeiso ·

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      Had a Windows 2000 server that started to hang on reboot or shutdown. I had to manually press the button to recycle the server.

      A few weeks later, when performing a manual reboot, it didn’t POST. I had a red light on the front panel. When opening the case, I reseated the memory and PPM. Noticed the amber CPU1 Error LED light blinking short, short, long.

      Forgot to mention that this server survived an HVAC failure in the computer room about a month ago. The temp was up to 109F for a few hours until the repair tech could come out. The server complained of high CPU temp but did not shutdown.

      I guess we cooked it, anyone for Xeon on a stick?

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