HP DL380 G3 server, restarts randomly.

By fmuise ·
I have a DL 380, and I was told it was blue screening, so I put it up on the rack and powered it on, waited a day or two with no blue screen.

I then used Prime95 to stress test CPU and RAM to try to get a blue screen out of it that way, but all it does now is reset without a blue screen.

I disabled automatically reset on system failure, and it still resetted.

I then checked HP ASR to make sure it wasn't resetting the system after failure, but that was already disabled.

I checked event viewer theres nothing major in there really except a event saying the system shutdown unexpectedly.

There server has two power suppiles, one must be going bad because when I plug it in one I get the same result but only quicker thean the other.

Could the other power supply be bad aswell, and suggestion to what I should check, software/hardware wise.

If you need anymore info i'll reply quick!


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Registry integrity?

by oldbaritone In reply to HP DL380 G3 server, resta ...

If it's not hardware, maybe it's software?

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by fmuise In reply to Registry integrity?

Yeah it's possible, but you haven't provided me with much in sight.

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There are many

by oldbaritone In reply to hmm.

registry checker products available, some free. They vary in the depth of checking and aggressiveness, and some do too much.

One highly-recommended freebie I use is CCleaner by Piriform. (
Other products may find more than CCleaner, but I've never had a problem doing "fix all". I can't say the same of some other products.

Just run the "registry check" function and see what it tells you. I'll bet that if you've never done it before, you'll find at least a hundred inconsistencies or more. As a byproduct, you may also find out that the server runs faster after the clean.

Disclaimer: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP before making any changes to the registry.


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Hmm ..

by Seaweedd In reply to There are many

Blue screens can be caused by hardware or software. First thing to do with a BSOD is to make a note of the STOP Code and any file name that may be mentioned and work on it from there.

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Solution to Your BSOD Computer Problem

by VikasAjitMedhekar In reply to HP DL380 G3 server, resta ...

If possible, restore the system to an earlier date using System Restore. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.

Check whether your registry is congested or not. If it is so, clean it using a registry cleaner such as Reginout.

Also, make sure the system files are not corrupted. Run SFC. Click Start | Run, type "SFC /ScanNow" and hit ENTER. (Windows installation disc is required.)

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