hp dv6 onboard sd card reader

By smclellan ·
Is it possible to force an hp dv6 series laptop to boot from the builtin sd card reader?

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Depends if drivers are required while windows is running..

by cmatthews In reply to hp dv6 onboard sd card re ...

..Likely not, but a good way to know is this:
Are separate drive letters present in explorer for each slot? (regardless if somethings inserted or not)

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by smclellan In reply to Depends if drivers are re ...

The drive letter is not present when a card is not inserted. Is there a way to find drivers that allow access to the device prior to booting windows? or Would it be possible to use windows bootloader to direct the computer to boot from the sd card?

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Drivers won't help, it's Windows that loads the drivers to begin with..

by cmatthews In reply to Drivers

..Your solution rests in the BIOS, because that's all the code that's running in memory at the time the machine has finished posting.

It's at this point it begins looking at boot order settings to find the first device with a boot-loader. Just buy a $5 thumb-drive, put it in an unused port on the back, and run something like Super Grub to do your OS selection at boot. Maybe that's what you're looking for...

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