HP DV7-1132nr Laptop LCD Will Not Display

By joeravez ·
After replacing the fan on this Laptop

(HP DV7-1132nr
Windows 7 32 bit
4 gigs of ram (I know)
AMD Turion X2 Processor
ATI Radeon 3200)

I noticed the LCD was producing a blue tinted screen. I switched to External Mode and the display was fine. I went to switch back to the LCD and could not. I figured the LCD probably died so I replaced it with a new one. Still nothing. The Monitor does not show up at all in display propierties. The refresh rate and resolution is correct. Im kind of at a loss here.

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Well start off with the easy things and get a copy of the Service Manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP DV7-1132nr Laptop LCD ...

But the obvious thing is that you have either missed a connection when you changed the Monitor or you need to switch the monitor back with the Key Combination.


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Connections are good.

by joeravez In reply to Well start off with the e ...

All connections are good! The Monitors HP logo lights up and the web cam works. But no LCD display. It is really making me angry. :-(

Think it may be a video card issue, even though the external monitor works?

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Display mode switching

by wookieshaver In reply to Connections are good.

You may try the following:

The external VGA port is enabled by holding the Fn key down and pressing the F4 key at the same time. There are three modes that can be toggled through:

Internal Display only

Internal Display and External Display

External Display only

So use the fn key and the f4 key to get both modes working again.

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Tried That First

by joeravez In reply to Display mode switching

Still nothing, The LCD is not even recgnized by ATI CCC, or Windows.

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When you replaced the Monitor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Tried That First

Did you change the Leads from the M'Board to the Monitor as well?

If you didn't I think you'll find that the Flexible Ribbon Lead is broken where it bends. The other one could also be broken on the bend as well.

I've also seen some of these leads fail where they plug into the Monitor or M'Board.

In one case I saw where someone had fitted both of these leads back the front and they where no longer making a connection so the Monitor wasn't getting any Signal or Power. The Connectors should go toward the Circuit Board if there is only connections on one side of the leads.


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It's a new cable also

by joeravez In reply to When you replaced the Mon ...

And the monitor has power plus the built in web cam works....Maybe one of the leads are broken on the connector to the motherboard?

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Of maybe you inserted the Lead upside down

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It's a new cable also

The Contacts have to go to the Circuit Board side of the plug where they plug in.


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