HP DV9000 with a blank screen

By bloach ·
A few months old HP DV9000 laptop. Display just went blank while operating the laptop. Now when I try to start it, their is no display but it boots normally otherwise. There are no beeps or sounds but just no display. I have tried removing the battery but that doesn't help.

My guess is that there is some issue with Nvidia display drivers. Should I try an external display and try to update the driver or if there is any other solution?

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Since it is still new, you better send it back for repair.

Send it for repair otherwise your warranty might be written off if you try to fix it yourself.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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There are a few issues with the recall.

by normhaga In reply to DV9000 were the subject o ...

One of my ex-contractors (I dropped him because he failed to respect my wishes with my personal equipment) sent a customers computer, a Compaq v6000 listed in the recall, back to HP under the recall program. Three weeks later the customer receives a call from HP informing him that the repairs would cost $700. The customer contacted me, I contacted my attorney who contacted the owner and obtained the proper information releases and telephoned HP. HP called the owner of the computer and then the customer asking if an attorney were involved and received an affirmative answer. HP then changed their story (they claimed water damage) and ordered the NB to be repaired at HP's cost and that it would be shipped at the end of the week. That was three weeks ago. HP now asserts that they cannot ship the computer on time because of the weather conditions in Texas where the repair facility is. This is also bogus, or was when I shipped my own DV9000's in for repair because they were sent to Santa Rosa, Ca. Who do I believe, someone one the telephone, or my own repair invoices?

At any rate I thought I would let others know of the deceit that HP is promulgating under the warranty recall.

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I'd have thought that after the class action lawsuit, HP would

by OldER Mycroft In reply to There are a few issues wi ...

Be watching their proverbial Ps & Qs now.

Maybe there's been an onslaught of machines and they can't keep up, that's one thing. But to chance their arm with phoney costs, that's just downright dirty.

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HP is a multinational.

by normhaga In reply to I'd have thought that aft ...

Class action suits are fine, but when you win, where is the money?

My DV 9225 had to go back to HP seven times. Hp's policy is that three returns with parts replacement and the machine is to be replaced with a new or equivalent machine. After the seventh return HP replaced my DV 9225 with a DV 9700 which was inferior to the 9225. I took both machines to my attorney, he advised I keep both until HP provided an equivalent machine. After two letters from HP, I repaired the 9225 and kept both machines.

If you are curious, the DV 9700 was inferior in the graphics card memory bandwidth. The DV 9700 has a discrete Nvidia gs 8400 whereas the 9225 has a gs 7600 the bandwidth is 3.6 GBs/sec vs 19.6 Gbs/sec, respectively. I do a lot of programming using the graphics card for for processing. Graphics card performance is a major issue. Even Vista's testing tool picked up the difference. The 9700 has a performance index of 3.0 whereas the 9225 has a performance index of 4.6.

Since I fix these machines, I expect mine to operate without problems and will not repair my own; in this case, I figured that I paid $1800 cash for the machine and received less than 2 months of service from it, I would repair it.

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Same problem, model not recalled

by brian In reply to There are a few issues wi ...

I have what appears to be the same problem with a dv9500, which was not included in the recall (they recalled up to the 9400), so it looks like I'm on the hook for a new motherboard out of my own pocket. Before I spring for one, though, I'd like to know if there are any diagnostic tools anyone can recommend, so I can be sure it's the motherboard, and not some other problem.

I'm actually pretty pissed that this was not recalled. I spoke with a tech on the phone today (bestbuy sent it to a geek squad facility in KY) who said he sees the dv series come in all the time with the same problem. I even spoke with someone at hp who told me that, yes, I probably was having the exact same problem that caused the other models to be recalled, but that I was out of luck since I own a 9500. If anyone else is having this issue, and you're a lawyer, or know one, and want to talk class action, let me know!

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black screen on dv9727us

by edursun In reply to Same problem, model not r ...

Hi Brian, i am having the same problem with my HP DV9727us. And unfortunately my model number is not listed as under warranty either. Count me in if there is any legal action or solution for this issue. Thanks.

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Another Blank Screen on dv9000

by arrobajay In reply to black screen on dv9727us

Hi all,

There was me thinking my problem was a rarity... I guess not?! On saturday I was using my laptop in perfect working order. Sunday, came to power it up having not moved it, and all I got was the blue lights across the quickplay strip. A quick sound from the CD drive is it tried to spin up, but that was all. The fan then slowed right down, and I still saw nothing on the screen. Mine is a dv9820ea, which given it's a high model number, you would have thought the parts which were installed would be of a little higher quality than usual, certainly not failing after just over a year of ownership.

My dilemma now is that I read article after article all over the internet, highlighting issues of this nature, and a huge number of recalls, but not to my model number either. I tried to call HP on the phone, but their automated phone lines just keep sending me back to the web site and hanging up!

I'm from the UK, so their online support doesn't include my product. I'm a bit stuck as to what to do next, as I still haven't received a reply to my 2 emails which I've sent to them!


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Blank screen for dv9233cl laptop

by baronk In reply to Another Blank Screen on d ...

Same thing happened to my HP. Blank screen. Went to local tech support-- they said it was a faulty graphics chip that is due soley to a manufacturing error. My serial number also does not match the recalled models listed on the HP website. I haven't called HP yet but I intend to make a stink until I get justice!

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HP DV9000 Warning! Banned from HP's site!

by stfenn In reply to There are a few issues wi ...

HP DV9000 Warning! Banned from HP's site!

Bad motherboard, overheating problem, no support from HP

I have been banned from HP's web site for posting this. Therefore, I am going to post on every web site I can. My son bought an HP DV9235, which is a lot of money for him as he is 23 years old. I called for support and they gave me the standard BS "$400 for repair". This "repair" would not permanently fix the problem as overheating is one of the main causes of the problem.

So... I called the BBB, the FTC and the Ca Dept of Consumer Affairs. The CDCA was the only agency that replied. I spoke with a nice lady (details below) that said she would pursue my complaint with HP's legal department. I encouraged her to go public with the information she has to help others rather than just to pursue my complaint.

Here is the information that got me banned:

Loretta Dyson
Staff Services Analyst
Department of Consumer Affairs
Hayward Complaint Resolution Program
(510)881-4026 phone
(510)888-7060 fax

Good luck dealing with HP!

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