Hp Envy m7-j120dx Barely open screen it comes on then you can open fully

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Alright, so I bought a computer off of a lady that she had taken to geeksquad and shipped off for testing. It came back with a bad motherboard as the diagnosis so I assumed I'd just replace the board on it and go about my day.

I took everything apart and reseated the processor and just for fun I slapped some ram in it and barely cracked the screen and to my surprise it posted and came on.

I put everything back together on it just how it was, put the ram back on and opened it fully up and it wouldn't turn on .. I was puzzled about it.. I played around with it and realized that if I barely crack the screen open and reach in and hit the power button it will come on just fine. As soon as the screen lights up I can open the computer completely up and use it normally like any other computer.

My first initial thought was that it might be a simple cable problem. I disassembled the whole thing again, checked and reseated all cables leading to monitor and through the hinges. Slapped everything back together and I get the exact same situation again. You can just barely open it up and hit the power and the things works flawlessly, I can plug in an external monitor and hit the power button with it fully open and the device boots right up on the external but not on the built in. Shut it down fully, barely crack it and voila, works again.

I'm incredibly confused about this, I've been in pc repair for over a year now and I've seen some funny stuff but this has be puzzled. My new board will be in within the next few days and I will definitely try it, but I hate to spend the time replacing it all again just to realize I'm no farther than before and might just need a screen.

(rolled back bios, updated bios, ran full system tests with built in diags and everything is fine, restore bios defaults, tested everything it would let me test, touch screen works and everything)

I can hit restart and the things restarts perfectly fine, no problems no having to move the screen. It's only after a full shutdown that I have to do the screen thing.

Thoughts and opinions? Please reply?!


Replaced board.. no difference. I found a small board with a piece of board like paper going from it to under the clear screen. It's been cut clean in two, so I think this may be my problem. Trying to find a new screen / digitizer now for cheap

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