hp f2105 monitor

By chillard1 ·
I have a pencil size purple line from the top to the bottom of my monitor, one in the middle and one on the left side , is there any way to fix this. I am running windows media center sp3 with nvdia gforce 7300le computer. Thanks.

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Do you have any electrical devices next to your monitor?.

Electrical devices might/could be the cause of these lines on your monitor. If so move them away and see if the lines still exist. If they still exist then have a very good look at your screen and see if there are any indentations on the screen such as from the packaging etc. If there are then the tiny lights inside your monitor might be damaged. Time for a new monitor.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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hp f2105 monitor

by chillard1 In reply to Do you have any electrica ...

No there is no electronic devices near my monitor except my computer and i did not fine anything wrong with the outside my monitor yet. I have check all my cables and the monitor is only about a year and a half old out of warranty would you know thanks for the info any else would help thanks.

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Things to try....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to hp f2105 monitor

First, turn off the monitor completely, wait about fifteen minutes and turn it back on.

If the lines return, try adjusting the monitor's refresh rate up one notch. This is done by:
1. Right click on an empty spot on your Desktop and select Properties.
2. Click on the Settings tab and then the Advanced button.
3. Click on the Monitor tab and select the next highest refresh rate in the drop-down.
4. Click Apply, OK and OK again.

Have you tried the monitor on another system?

Being an LCD monitor, if there's a minute fracture in the control array, you could find that one of the transistor control lines has failed. Basically, you've got a grid of transistors, with wires connecting them, behind the monitor. Specialised control systems and timing keeps them working, but basically, it's a load of wires turning on and off. If one of those wires gets damaged (From you saying that purple is on permanently, it could be a short on the green pixel line) then you get the symptoms you saw.

Testing it: Try it on another PC. If the cable is not captive, try another cable. If you haven't got another PC or cable, try it on a different monitor output (If you've got another one).

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hp f2105 monitor

by chillard1 In reply to Things to try....

Thanks for the info. i will try it and get back to you as soon a possible and thanks again .

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