HP F2179 All in one, scanner will not work no matter what i do

By perry02 ·
I have the above product and it started having a usb comms error coming up all of a sudden, after investigation of the obvious I discounted any calbing issues or usb port sharing problems.

No matter what I have done in response to the HP support centre recommendations nothing works. It did work on our Thinkcentre once upon a time, and the copy and printer functions work without issue, just the scanner wont work anymore, keeps coming up with an error communicating with the PC using USB. All recommendations from HP have failed. Probalby the next thing to do is reload the OS.

I have tested the device on a laptop and everything works, so I cant fault the product.

What's going on with my thinkcentre is anyone's guess. Have removed and reloaded HP software a number of times, and have also used
the HP printer diagnostic Utility to rectify the Imaging device / f2100 scanner entry in Device Manager yellow exclamation mark with no luck, still just says the I have an issue with the imaging device. Also have looked at Device Manager hidden drivers to removed them to try and fault find the issue at hand.

Perry Griffin

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Try remving all the HP software, disconnect the system, reboot

by Deadly Ernest In reply to HP F2179 All in one, scan ...

twice then reload the software and reconnect the system - that sometimes fixes problems with HP gear. Next would be to check for software upgrades for the system. And also look at the quality of the internal cables connecting the scanner with the rest of the system.

After that I'm a short fat post - well stumped.

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Well previously HP scanners have had issues

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP F2179 All in one, scan ...

When their Data Leads get mixed up with Power Cables.

Try removing the Data Cable and rerunning it but this time keep it away from any Power Leads that may be giving off Electro Magnetic Fields.

Can't think of anything else to try short of doing a In Place Install of the OS but even that may not correct the problem.


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Thanks for your replys

by perry02 In reply to Well previously HP scanne ...

Looks like I am forced to perform a complete OS reload. I suspect it is a USB driver conflict with the canon printer I have, but have isolated the canon printer and it doesn't seem to affect the removal and reinstall of the HP software, which still will not load properly. So OS reload it is, thanks again for your input.

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Your Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for your replys

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