HP G60-120US....can you help me fix it?

By Trini_Randy ·
Hey Guys,
I have a HP G60 laptop, it has sentimental value, I would like to fix it, i tried reseating the RAM, blowing out the cooling system, pulling it apart and putting it back dice.

The problem: It comes on, starts BIOS, but when it goes to boot from the HD black screen and nothing else, I booted a live USB of Ubuntu and it boot to the menu, but when I selected and option it went black screen. the heatsink overheats unless I have it on a cooling pad, can anyone help me....


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Many possibilities

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to HP G60-120US....can you h ...

Replace the hard drive, it's the usually first thing to go and would lead to boot problems.

This doesn't explain why you can't boot to a liveCD... Which heatsink overheats? CPU? GPU? How do you know? Check for a dead fan.

The thing could be filled with dust. You would want to completely disassemble and clean it out. Look for corrosion on the chips, blown capacitors and melted solder. It takes a keen eye and a lot of time.

There are many reasons this could be happening. If your CPU has heat damage it will work sporatically. I had a computer that would run for a while and crash randomly citing a memory error. The CPU was dropping bits from the memory and blaming the memory. Replacing the CPU fixed it.

Good luck.

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Reponse To Answer

by Trini_Randy In reply to Many possibilities

CPU Heatsink overheating, I strip it down to bare and blew out everything with 2 cans of air, I checked for corrosion and melts...thanks

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You could always try the Ultimate Boot CD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP G60-120US....can you h ...

And do some diagnostics of the Hardware.

I would start off with the CPU Tests as a beginning and see if it falls over.


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Reponse To Answer

by Trini_Randy In reply to You could always try the ...

I'll try it thanks

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