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    HP graphics driver error – can’t boot in safe mode?


    by icyjesi04 ·

    We have a Sapphire Radeon 1650x video card installed in April in our HP Pavilion with Windows NT. Everything was fine until last week. All I can think of that would have caused the trouble was renewing our Norton subsription? The same day, we started getting Framework errors when booting up and the monitor starting going black with the message saying something about optimal screen resolution resetting. Then you would have to turn it off. Once back on, the resolution settings were HUGE and basic. I tried uninstalling the new card and all its crossfire, etc extras. Then I upgraded to the most recent Framework and made sure all my other updates were downloaded (they were). I then reinstalled the drivers for the new card and had the same trouble.
    So I physically took the card out and rebooted. No trouble at all. Tried the uninstall / reinstall thing again, and now…nothing at all. (it should be noted that this last time, my husband uninstalled the ORIGINAL card as well)
    When the new card is physically in, the montior acts like its not getting power. When the new card is out, after the windows screen the monitor goes black but stays powered up. If I try to boot in ANY kind of safe mode, nothing happens. It always freezes when loading drivers.
    I can tell that everything pertaining to the hardware is ok because the fans work, temp is good, power supply is ok, etc. Its simply a video card issue. But how simple is it to fix? I don’t have any system / windows disks, but I am sure I could get some if need be.


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